Wash Care

We use khadi cotton and silk in a lot of our pieces. If you buy anything from us which is hand spun and handwoven, please refer to the points below:

  • Khadi as a material has a tendency to lose colour owing to the fact that it is hand woven on a loom by artisans, which in turn affects its ability to hold on to dyes, which leads to the fabric losing some colour in the initial few washes, so don't worry if your garment loses some colour initially, it’s natural.
  • However, to properly take care of your garment and ensure it lasts a long time, we recommend you wash it as few times as possible. Initially, wash it separately by hand in cold water, with a mild detergent. Add some salt to the water (don't ask why, but it helps; we did our research!). Do not add any chemicals like fabric softeners etc.
  • Once washed, line dry the clothes in shade only, avoid drying in direct sunlight as that tends to harm the fabric.

If you have any specific queries related to wash care instructions for your clothes, please reach out to us at sales@prxkhxr.com.

This is an ever-evolving page; we'll keep adding pointers to this as and when there's any new material which requires very specific wash care instructions.