PRXKHXR is a fashion brand that was established in 2020 and appeals to a youthful and laid-back global audience. We specialize in creating unique prints that are exclusively developed in-house, showcasing a diverse range of themes, from our favorite animals to the works of Satyajit Ray. To bring our prints to life, we experiment with a variety of color variations before printing them onto our fabrics. All our printed fabrics are manufactured in our facility on the outskirts of Delhi. The production of our clothes is split between two units, an export house on the Delhi-Haryana border and a production unit in South Delhi. At PRXKHXR, we pride ourselves on creating comfortable clothes with striking prints that we refer to as "achievable edgy" clothing. Our brand ethos is focused on making youthful and vibrant clothing that is practical enough to be worn every day.

Here, we believe in the concept of easy living.