Pronounced 'prakhar'.

Incorporated in 2019, ‘prxkhxr’ is a brand targeted towards the more youthful and relaxed audience world over. Prints are the main focus of the brand and are all developed in-house from scratch - ranging from themes like favourite animals of ours, to the works of Satyajit Ray. After trying out a few colour variations of the prints, the fabrics, most of which are sourced from Khadi Bhavan and the various state emporiums in Connaught Place, Delhi (allowing us the flexibility to source handmade fabrics from different craft clusters from all across India), are printed at a manufacturing unit on the outskirts of Delhi. The production of all the clothes is divided between two units - an export house on the Delhi-Haryana border, and a production unit in South Delhi. The main ethos of the brand is to design good prints and comfortable clothes - something which we like to call ‘achievable edgy’ - clothes which are youthful and vibrant, but at the same time not too flamboyant to wear daily.

We believe in easy living.