Capsule collection developed in collaboration with Smoke, with a focus on sustainability and androgyny. The collaboration puts an emphasis on earthy themes and natural textures, offering a deeper connect to nature and the planet after COVID changed our lifestyles completely. Black and white colours are used predominantly (centred around the monochrome theme of Smokewear) with added details in parrot green (a colour we are personally fond of). The prints used  throughout the whole collection are based on varying themes like wooden textures, grasslands, rustic barbed wires and abstracted floral motifs on easy to wear and loose fitting unisex silhouettes like camp collar shirts and shorts. This collection uses hand spun and handwoven fabrics (except the lining for the jacket), procured from Khadi India and has been woven by weavers from West Bengal without the use of any chemicals or machinery throughout the whole fabric production process. All of the fabrics have been digitally printed - providing a much more sustainable product while giving hyper-detail.