The Hundreds by PRXKHXR: The story of how it came to be

The Hundreds by PRXKHXR: The story of how it came to be

On one fateful day back in April, it all went down in the DMs. A message I sent on Instagram caught the eye of Bobby Hundreds and sparked a conversation that led us all the way here, to an entire capsule within The Hundreds's Spring 2021 collection. The person on the other end of that message is me, Prakhar Chauhan, a 24-year-old designer based out of New Delhi.

When I decided to reach out to Bobby, it was 3 AM and he had just finished reading Bobby's book, This Is Not a T-Shirt. Filled with inspiration and a desire for even more insight and direction, I went right to the source. 

I caught up with Bobby ahead of the capsule’s release for a casual chat and some insight into the collaboration, the whole interview can be seen here.

Each piece in the The Hundreds by PRXKHXR collection features our exclusive print, with a graceful peacock and fierce white tiger facing off in mutual admiration and respect. The capsule includes a graphic T-shirt, woven short sleeve button up, cotton twill anorak jacket, and matching cotton twill shorts.

As the doldrums of Winter fade into the distance, step back outside this Spring in your favorite pieces from The Hundreds by PRXKHXR, available exclusively from The Hundreds App and Online Shop, as well as The Hundreds Los Angeles on Fairfax. Part of The Hundreds Spring 2021 Collection, the prxkhxr capsule will be available on Thursday, February 18 at Midnight EST.

India will soon be seeing the release as well, stay updated by following us on our social media handle @prxkhxr on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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